NANO GLUE - our strongest hold!

5-8 second dry time for virtually instant grab.

Superior quality based on nanotechnology.
This ‘molecular glue’ forms strong and tight sealing bonds between materials that would not otherwise stick together.

During the past few years the research group has developed a new nanotechnology that optimises on a molecular level the adhesion between synthetic (lash extension) and organic material(natural lash).

This adhesive offers a great combination between bonding strength and setting time, allowing enough time to adjust the eyelashes prior to the glue setting.

Thin, even application and a semi-glossy black finish.

Up to 8 weeks hold, and very low fume.
Suits for beginners and advanced lash stylists especially in high humidity environment.

Easily applied and easily removed. 

As with all glues, please patch test your clients 48 hours before their treatment. Once opened, store in a cool dry room. Keep it tightly closed in upright position. Shelf life is 5-6 weeks since the bottle has been opened.  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE

Used by the best eyelash extension professionals only.